Mission Statement

Sirak Studios is a creative production company headquartered in Miami, Florida. We are an innovative community of entrepreneurs with coinciding areas of expertise, connections, and perspectives. Our ambitious culture empowers us to tailor our business relationships and client experiences to develop and catalyze potential. The thoughtfully designed multi-purpose studio and collaborative spaces encapsulate the resources necessary to efficiently turn creative visions into successful businesses.

Our Culture

The word creative, by definition means relating to, or involving, the imagination of original ideas, production of artistic work. Production is defined as the action of making or manufacturing from components or raw materials. Sirak Studios is a creative production company. We have the resources, network, and knowledge to create deliverables that are truly original. Understanding an individual or organization and their goals is something we take seriously; assessing and analyzing throughout the process to take an inventory of everything at play. This allows us to efficiently apply the correct resources and best uses of money and time to maximize our client’s and our own potential.


Services & Pricing

All products and services are better priced in packages and discounts are given for repeat clients.

Base Rate

Photo/Video Shoot Time

Photo Editing Included (Video Editing is Extra)


Video Editing

Per minute of final product length


Production/ Marketing

Priced on a case by case basis:


Creative Direction

Business Consulting

Talent Casting

Event Production

Song & Script Writing

Location Procurement

Social Media Management

Audio Engineering & Production


At Sirak Studios we have both in-house & 3rd party affiliates. We strive to build long term relationships with like minded companies looking to create and innovate



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